Berlin – Prague

Finished up Berlin with a quick visit to the Berlin wall again. This section of the wall is known as the ‘wall gallery’ and covered with very political paintings symbolising freedom. So impressive!

Stopped in Dresden for lunch. What a beautiful city! The historic buildings situated around a stunning cathedral! We’ve found the food in Germany very manly! Pork knuckles,  sausages,  schnitzel, heaps of potato and really no veges (super awesome for Muz).

Had a walking tour through Prague. I felt like I was in Gotham city; very medieval architecture with stalls displaying meat on spits.

We saw the John Lennon wall, pitty we weren’t creative enough to think of anything to write on it.

Walked over the Charles Bridge and rubbed one of the 26 saints for luck. Just a gorgeous city.

Needed an early night tonight, absolutely exhausted and Muz’s voice is just about nonexistent.  Hopefully find a chemist tomorrow that cures him.

Caught the underground into Old Town Square this morning. Prague is by far the prettiest city I’ve been to. The castles, palaces, cathedrals and just the shops and stalls in general.

We checked out the Torture Museum,  um… Pretty intense! Some of the consequences for the smallest ‘crimes’ were pretty sick.

Prague is amazing for shopping as everything is incredibly cheap. Muz and wandered around the stalls for a couple of hours.

Contiki arranged a canal cruise for lunch. The perfect way to see the picturesque sites of Prague. Lots of beer and wine and amazing people.

After more shopping and site seeing, we joined a few other couples for a roof top dinner in Old Town Square. I can’t describe how amazing this restaurant was, pictures do it no justice.

There is a bowling hall across the road from our hotel, so the group went for a game . You can buy three beers here for 150chks which works out to be about 5euro… Pretty cheap.

Hop on the bus tomorrow and heading back to Germany. Excited to see the concentration camps in Munich. It’s slowly getting colder, just want to see snow already!


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