Headed straight for the Dachau Concentration Camp early today. This was the first working camp set up by Hitler and in it’s 12 years, had over 200, 000 prisoners.  A lot of the camp had been rebuilt except the front gate and crematoriums. Just a horrific feeling walking through this place. They displayed photos of the piled bodies in the same room you were standing in, really sad, ghostly place.

We got to go into the gas chamber (this room was never used as prisioners were sent to other camps to be exterminated), walk into the reconstructed barricks and down the camp road.

When we arrived in Munich, we had a quick walking tour of the city centre. Then headed off to the famous Hofbrauhaus, where the night got extremely messy.  The boys were drinking steins, smashing glasses together, singing and spilling. Muz’s highlight of the European trip so far.

Woke up too early today and visited the Neuschwanstein castle. This was the castle that Sleeping Beauty’s castle was based on. Surrounded by snow covered mountains in a small town. The detail in the castle was incredible.

Back in Munich, we had a walking tour around the city. Learning more about the history of the cities arcitecture.

After too much walking, we did some more and checked out the local markets.   We had a group dinner again tonight and were given half a chicken each… The craziest food… Now absolutely killing for a salad.

Yay for Austria and Italy tomorrow!!!


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