image San Francisco

Our travel begins with a 12 hour delay; trying hard to put positive energy out into the universe. After a night at an expensive Auckland hotel, an early wake, a massive flight and a long line through customs, we made it out.

But where is our rental car? Ahhh after jumping on the airport monorail, we found the rental car centre. Americans work slow but drive fast, 50 mins later have our rental car. Now for a 20 min drive into San Fransisco to our hotel. We arrived at 1.45am and are greeted with, “sorry we have no record of your booking.” What a useless bunch of shits! Finally after the hotel tried to call New Zealand and then recharge the room, they sorted it out and we were given the room key.

Because our car was illegally parked on the street (our carpark was full due to the delay), we were up at 6.30am and on our way to pier 39  and Alcatraz. Wow, Alcatraz was incredible. To hear the inmates describe their experience of this hell was so emotional for Louise. An inmate quoted, “You break the rules, you go to jails. You break the rules in jail, you go to Alcatraz.” Have had such a full on day. We could have watchedthe sea lions at pier 39 for hours. We drove up to Muirs Wood to see the huge redwood trees, driving over the  Golden Gate bridge. We are back in our hotel. So shattered, so early night tonght and big decisions tomorrow as to if we will stay another night or drive down to LA.


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