Kuala Lumpur

Another night of no sleep on the plane. Driving into KL, I realised how much I missed green!!! Total miss with our hotel but I think we paid NZ$25 a night so what do you expect. Didn’t really want to touch anything though.

Absolutely boiling! Think we got to 32º and when you are walking around the streets, it’s intense. Luckly we had a pool at the hotel.

Journeyed to the Petaling markets where these store owners just about jump on you. Muz is a sucker for it too, he’s too nice. I’ve been trying to train him to be a rude snob like me 🙂 An incredible amount of fake items for sale… bags, wallets, glasses, watches, belts etc.

I was so scared to eat anything in this city! We only ate at the hotel and the mall, even that was pushing it. The streets smell sooooo terrible. The smell, combined with heat, I was honestly gaging walking down the road. We started to taxi most places because it was so bad. The men here a super seedy as well! Ive never experienced anything like it, really gross. Women are treated so differently there, absolutely no one spoke to me. Muz got the ‘good morning sir’, ‘how are you sir?’ bla bla bla and I was totally invisible.

We checked out the huge KL mall but it wasn’t as cheap as we thought. Headed back to the markets after we had a drink at an on street bar. When paying the bill, we realised just how scungy the place actually was… again,  I was almost sick. Thank god we didn’t order food!

As you can tell, I really didn’t enjoy Kuala Lumpur. I couldn’t wait to be on the plane heading away from the city.


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