A quick ‘wrong’ train and a few mishaps at the station, we arrived in The Netherlands. It’s prettier than I remember. Canals everywhere with the night lights reflecting off the water. I love Amsterdam, it’s one of those places where you need to take time to be totally wrapped up in the moment. It is a stunning city.I’m still not used to the bikes that are absolutely everywhere… with the bikers bloody curtesy bell… freaks me out. Muz is constantly yelling “watch out,” but I don’t know where to ‘watch out,’ I’m like a headless chicken which sucks as I’m trying my hardest to blend in. 

We scored with our accommodation, finally, then naturally headed to the red light district. After curiously looking in all the windows, we took the wrong route home and ended up down some dodgy streets. 

We roamed the city the next morning, trying to beat the crowds at the must sees. We thought this time, we’d just enjoy the scenery. We spent most of the day walking. 

The prostitute museum in the red light district was cheap and entertaining… so we’re the countless shops selling tulips, clogs and marijuana flavoured food. 

Definitely not my last time in Holland.


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