After THREE flights, terrible movies, one sleeping pill each and two not so eventful stop overs, we were lucky enough to realise that it wasn’t our plane that fell out of the sky. Don’t really want to fly home.
Checked out our beautiful hotel in China Town. Amongst the hectic streets, there is a quiet, ellegant and air conditioned hotel called the Shanghai Manson; we scored with our accommodation! The smell coming from the surrounding drains is… well disgusting.  thankfully it’s not a constant stench. The nearby hotels attempt to block out the smell with a piece of plywood, doesnt escape me though.
The streets are crazy, so fast paced; with locals selling anything from freashly  squeezed juice to full meals. I don’t know how these people do it… Their lives are out on the streets, selling food for 50 baht (2NZD). Whole families with young kids happily entertaining themselves or selling too.
After dumping our bags, we jumped on a long boat and headed for the canals. The rubbish in the water in unbelievable. And the houses on the canal banks, well our council would have a field day. We saw fish, giant lizards, more locals selling crappy knickknacks in canoes and temples.
The long boat dumped us somewhere (not where we started that journey) and we ventured through crazy markets. We took a risk and ate some ‘chicken,’it’s fair to say I struggled with that meal. Thankfully, there is no quality or safety rating. The stray cat, spraying on the side of the food prep. table finished my meal rather quickly.
We jumped in a tuktuk and experienced the rollercoaster ride that is Bangkok roads. Lucky there is no road rage. The chaos works though and there is no hesitation, maybe that’s what is missing in NZ.
Wore shoes in our first temple,  woops; grossed out with the fish foot massage and tried not to look at the hanging ducks and shark fins.
After a few Changs, we battled the night markets and ate the best meal I’ve ever had! Chicken and shrimp macaroni. You literally sit on the road side, eating and drinking while countless cars and tuktuks narrowly miss you. Trev has said to Muz, eat where the locals eat… Bonus, amazing food and we didnt get sick.
Early on day two, we ventured to the Grand Palace. I worried Muz would be turned away with his arm but it was me and my leggings. Quick change into a hired sarong and take two. The palace was… a palace. Pretty, but we had no idea what we were looking at.
Headed for Khao San Road where all of the tourist stay. Wow! Sooooo much fun! I think we spent all day people watching. Countless tattoo and piercing studios, massage parlors, knickknack shops and bars and restaurants. After a few beers, muz ate a scorpion and I even convinced him to get a foot massage. Locals sell anything from fake ID cards (for any country), degrees, clothing and bracelets with the most inappropriate sayings, stun guns… the list goes on.
We were tooooo exhausted to battle the streets today! We chilled out all day at our new hotel and waited for our tour guide. The hotel had a pool, but it looked quite similar to that of Weymouth beach. No swimming today.
After another amazing, but extremely spicy meal, we hit Khao San Road with our group. A few quiet beers and more people watching. The 30th here was packed, one huge street party. The  bars competing with thumping bass and lady boy dancers… The most beautiful boys! Super skanky but very entertaining  watching the drunk tourists with them. You can buy laughing gas too.
This place has everything to make a dangerously good night that could possibly alter the rest of you’re life. Las Vegas has nothing on Bangkok!


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