Cambodia – Siem Reap

After a long drive, we cautiously walked over the Thailand-Cambodia boarder. Lucky we had a tour guide because we would have had a HELL of a time trying to get in. This chaos was crazy compared to Mexico.
The roads here are not roads. They are so dusty with huge pot holes. The dust gets everywhere… my poor pores. The driving is the same but the tuktuks are now trailers on motorbikes; combine that with these dusty roads and you have quite an entertaining ride, usually for $2US.
We headed to a local village and got away from the craziness of town. Just stunning! The locals are so happy. They dont have toilets, their homes definitely have the indoor/ outdoor flow going on and the animals (cows, dogs and chickens) are almost indoor pets, schooling in a privilege for their children and they are ‘workers’ too, but these families have it right. So social, so grateful. It’s really heartening.
The village food was again, incredible! Coconut chicken, noodles and endless curries.
We took a total 360 and went into town to celebrate NY. Another street party with similar stalls and markets to Bangkok. The locals don’t celebrate NY at this time but it definitely brings in a lot of money. I felt like I was at the Big Day Out or something. We all drunk too much (it’s just too cheap not to) and counted in 2015.
Sorry to say, but we had to be on the bus at 5am on the 1st. Headed to Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise. Incredible  temples… Absolutely huge! The main tourist attraction in Siem Reap so everyone else was there too.  We spent all day exploring the temples of Angkor. Deceivingly tall, hidden rooms and bats! You’re in a different world in those temples. Hard day though, lots of walking, listening and climbing.
Got to see some monkeys as well in a nearby bush. Stay away from the monkeys! That afternoon, we jumped on the quad bikes for something different.  I sucked and was that driver on the wrong side of the road. Muz did all the driving for us. Narrowly dodging the locals, buffaloes and cows and trying not to fall into the ditch. Very dirty, but lots of fun.
You have to watch out for the red ants here too; if you stand near them, they climb into your shoes and attack you. Pretty funny when it’s someone else. And don’t step on the toads that are jumping into the restaurants!
Everyone was absolutely ruined after today but at dinner they served $1.50 cocktails… you can’t say no.


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