Denmark! Copenhagen, first thought… absolutely freezing and now I’m scared for Russia. Copenhagen feels like you’re in the fanciest part of FrancE (from what I’d imagine). A really clean city with again, captivating architecture. 

We did all of the free site seeing in Copenhagen as it is incredibly expensive.. a can of coke was $8 from our hostel. Firstly, we headed to the Little Mermaid, walked around the old military fort and posed in front of the big windmill. 

Muz woke me up bright and early and we walked to Nyhavn. We walked and walked, around the canals and harbour. 

I was really excited for Christiania. A commune that looked really interesting and full of awesome street art. It was dodge as! Muz held the camera tightly and I legged it. 

We spent the rest of our time exploring the city centre and Rosenborg Castle. 

Our last day, we woke up to a mountain of snow and it was snowing! Very exciting for us Aucklanders.


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