We arrived in Dubai early after no sleep on the plan (far too many children). While waiting to check into our hotel, we had a quick walk around and headed into a nearby mall for breakfast/ lunch. We were both so exhausted, so we decided to spend the afternoon in the hotel pool.

That night, we headed down to the bar and had a few drinks, then back up to the room where we ordered room service for tea.

Bright and early the next day, our shuttle collected us for our day tour of Dubai. We either held really high expectations of our guide or there is nothing really to see here. Our guide did not give us any knowledge into the city’s history or buildings. It was actually a total waste of the day.

We saw some really impressive architecture,  lots and lots of hotels and went over onto the palm. The only way to really experience the palm is from above as it’s pretty big.

Our guide took us to some gold and spice markets. Muz and I were absolutely harassed!  Shop owners begging us to visit their shop, pretty funny. The tour company must make some kind of commission off us because these stores were so random. To top the tour off, the guide took us to the gas station for lunch and then we dropped him off by his car… My jaw totally dropped, clearly he doesn’t work for tips.

After a quick stop at our hotel, we were collected for our safari desert tour. WE SAW WILD CAMELS ON THE ROAD! Highlight of Dubai,  just fabulous!  We had our 4×4 dune bashing, so much fun. Michael was in his element,  my hand was saw from clasping onto the handle so tightly.

Then, our quick camel ride. Didn’t enjoy this so much, felt so sorry for the camels. Golly, they are high up and when they let you off, they just drop.

We met a couple of New Zealand girls and had dinner with them. Really authentic food… tad scary for me… really scary for muz. Smoked shisha and watched belly dancers before heading home.

We had the longest wait until our flight the next day… 10pm. There is really not much to do in Dubai either. A really long browse through the mall. Think I’ve done Dubai though; unless you are staying at a fabulous resort,  there isn’t a lot to do. Dying to be home already!


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