Another easy journey across to Edinburgh where we met Sammy and Tim at our warm B&B. We hiked up to Old Town where the streets are Cobblestone, there a narrow passage ways and of course the vast Edinburgh Castle overlooking the town. Edinburgh has a gothic, spooky feel to it, a real step back in time. 
Pretty bloody cold though! We headed straight for a small Scottish pub that only stocked local beer, then out for lunch. We waited for the lantern festival to begin. Having no idea what to expect, we were all totally blown away. There were thousands of lanterns all marching behind a group of men playing the bagpipes. One of the highlights of my overseas adventures so far, again, I couldn’t fight off the tears. We all jumped the barrier and marched with all the lanterns up to Carlton Hill. 

Early on new years eve, we journeyed to Edinburgh Castle, lucky we arrived relatively early as the queues were massive later on. They had to close the castle the previous day due to high winds (about 90 mph). 

The castle had the most stunning views of Edinburgh. 

After wondering through Old Town again, listening to bagpipes and browsing the local shops, we headed back to our place for a few vinos and strange Scottish beer. 

The fireworks at Hogomany were really impressive. They set them off from a beautifully lit up Edinburgh Castle. We headed to the Christmas markets to bring it the new year with a ferris wheel ride that wouldn’t stop, a merry go round bar, lunges, high knees to keep warm and Tim and Muz’s smelly cigars. 

We woke up too early on the first and had a blast at Edinburgh airport trying to rent a car. After a massive drama, we headed to Inverness for some Loch Ness hunting. The drive was unreal, snow everywhere! After a 3 hour drive, the Loch Ness exhibition was very 90s. Not much to do up there really but we did have a little hunt for the monster in the massive, freezing cold loch. 

The Scottish whiskey tour was really well put together… unfortunately it tasted like I was drinking fire but Tim was in his element. 

Edinburgh is definitely on my list to do again, maybe in a warmer season. We honestly had some of the best food we’ve ever eaten and saw some remarkable sites.


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