The last week has all merged together. Trying to think back to Finland is like trying to remember events from a year or two ago. When we arrived in the seaside city of Helsinki, I was super excited when I realised the sea was frozen solid, it was easy to spot the tourist when there are two indiviuals just stearing at the ice that is the Baltic Sea, trying to peer preasure one another to stand on it. 

Finally Muz caved and was the first one to stand on the ice, I cautiously followed. Of course just for a photo or two… was one of those events that was enjoyable after. 

The Finnish weather was gorgeous and in the evening/ afternoon (pretty much straight after lunch) when the sun goes down, the city has a stunning pink glow. Just gorgeous against the snow and with the boats anchored for the winter. 

After totally ripping up the artifical ice skating rink, Muz and I realised we were the only ones on the ice because all the locals were on the sea. Total rookie mistake. Again, ‘spot the tourist.’ We marvelled at the confident kids and adults playing on the ice and even watched men ice fishing.

One thing I’ll definitely take away from this trip is just how much dog pee is on the ground. I mean it’s everywhere, all over the snow. Freaks me out that you can’t see it at home. I’ll think twice before I lay in the grass in my paddocks again.


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