Ho Che Minh City

This place is just one giant city, it doesn’t end. Stalls, shops, houses and hundreds of thousands of scooters.
It is INSANE! We arrived at our gorgeous little homestay, just like camping. Thank goodness for the mosquito net. The village dinners are the best, soooo delicious.  Curries, soups, veges, crepe things… it’s endless too.
We had a local tour of strange fruits and plants and their way of living.
The roosters started at 4:30, they must have been extremely confused as the sun was showing no sign of emerging.
We drove four hours to our hotel, dumped our belongings and headed out. The streets are packed with scooters! Scooters on the road, on the food path, everywhere. The most elegant women dressed up with huge heels on a scooter, entire families on scooters, mothers breastfeeding their children on scooters, eating, drinking, talking on their cellphone, texting on their cellphone, sleeping, dogs on scooters, balancing acts on scooters… the list doesn’t end. God knows what they get up to in their cars.
They all run the red lights; they toot at you to make themselves acknowledged but with everyone tooting, it just adds more chaos.
We went for some crazy lunch… They serve barracuda as there fish which muz assures me is full of worms… So I just stick to vegetables.
We braved the markets; you’d think we were famous with all the locals yelling, pointing,  showing, pushing, blocking us… trying to make us buy anything.
An amazing dinner, out of a pineapple, and then a quick ‘pub’  visit before bed.
We drove to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Just an amzing experience. The way they Vietnamese ‘outsmarted’ and fixed all the problems that they were faced with. The war has been named the America war here (which the Americans on our tour are not thrilled about and quick to correct). Americans are definitely the bad guys over here. The tunnels were insane. Most of our tour group wouldn’t fit through them. They doubled the size so tourists can experience a mere 40 metres of the tunnel.
The ventilation, the kitchen, disposal of dirt, the way they were dug, the rooms and different levels, the lack of sound, how the vietnamese avoided being gased, bombs, floods and being tracked by German Shepherds… just very stong minded, clever and persistent people.
Muz got to shoot his AK47 amd M16 and me my carbin riffle. The man in charge had to hold me on my gun, I was usleless. And… You aim at a rhinoceros pic…bad taste.
I failed to mention, a day prior,  we went to the War Remnants Museum. Where we were exposed to the most horrific affects of agent orange.
Overnight train this evening..  not really looking forward to that.


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