Hoi An


Train ride was horrible; our CEO booked in too late which meant sharing a cabin with the public. I woke up with an old man steering into our cabin… Totally yuk.

Once we arrived in Hoi An we walked through the Ancient village. Just spectacular! Busy stalls and crazy markets! So many shops selling everything from clothing to bowls and chopsticks. Bartering is so much fun… If you walk away, they chase you. The locals will do anything for a sale, one woman took me to the toilet, then returned me to our friends, all so I would look at her stall. She must invested an hour or two into us. She tailored clothes so feeling very bad, we did not buy anything. I don’t know how they make money at all.

I bought a hat off an old lady for about $5 and she hugged us, she squeezed so hard it actually hurt.

Muz was hit on by older women, one of the bigger guys here and the only one covered in tats.

We headed to our cooking class later where we made spring rolls, chicken soup and a fish/ chicken marinade thing cooked in banana leaves. The first time I’ve eaten chicken in a while. You can’t exactly sign up for a cooking class and tell them you’re a vegetarian.

We headed back into the ancient town where the lanterns lit up the sky and the river… Just absolutely beautiful!

Had a crazy evening with our group, again two for one cocktails. It’s fair to say I’ll never be drinking rum again.


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