Quick bus trip to Hue and headed straight out on a scooter tour.

Saw more temples, tombs, markets, bunkers and more crazy vietnamese driving. My scooter driver crashed into Muz… No big deal though, to them, I was totally freaking out.

After a very long tour, we headed out for tea (finally… pasta), watched the other tour groups get absolutely smashed and then went for a quiet walk around the streets… checking out all the busy restaurants and bars aimed at tourists.

It is absolutely freezing here! We have gone from one extreme to the other and don’t have any warm clothing! So the next day, we bought some fake North Face jackets and went back to the same restaurant for lunch. Nice to have a chilled out morning.

Unfortunately, we had a 14hour journey to Halong Bay. Fun train ride though,  stayed with another couple drinking wine and playing card games. Highlight was when the cabin ran out of wine and the tour groups were purchasing alcohol from the locals, out of the train window.

Sleeping on a train still sucks though and I’m so glad it’s the last one for this trip.


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