Started nice and early with a stroll through the city, stopping at St Patricks church, slowly making our way to the Guinness Factory… might as well do Ireland right. We made our way through the five story building which was fascinating, even for me, so they must be doing something right. Stunning views from the top and perfect weather. 

Next up was Ireland’s oldest pub, “The Braven Head,” your typical stone wall, charming pub… full of people who we couldn’t understand. 

We hiked halfway across Dublin to Dublin Castle, which in no way was spectacular. I love how we have such high expectations of castles now… seeming there are so many to critique when we get back to Auckland. 

I must say the hostel we were in was horrific. The showers were actually scary. Little did we know that Belfast’s accommodation was like a jail cell. 


After a quick train ride, we arrived in Northern Ireland. We had an absolute blast in Belfast! Again, old cobble roads, gorgeous stone wall pubs everywhere and stunning architecture. 

We headed straight to the uni where we walked through the Botanical Gardens, then to the pub for a steak and Guinness pie. After exploring some more, we ended up at a traditional Irish pub, there’s nothing better than listening to live Irish music. 

I wasn’t too thrilled to wake up the next morning. The weather wasn’t our friend and I wore the wrong shoes. The Titanic experience in Titanic Quarter more than made up for it. The building and grounds are so well done. Absolutely every detail symbolises an element of the sinking or the passengers on board. We stepped out onto Nomadic, the tender to Titanic. The only surviving White Star Line vessel, the closest experience you’ll get to standing on Titanic. 

Saw the ‘must sees’ in Belfast, the Big Fish and City Hall. 

Last minute, we decided to head to an ice hockey game. The Belfast Giants verse the Sheffield Steelers. Goodness there were some frustrated Irish there. It was hilarious, trying to decipher what the fans were yelling.


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