We have mastered the tube the second time round, yet I don’t look like a local… I’m smiling. Everyone here is so fast, it’s insane. I don’t know where everyone is rushing to. We met a hairy Tim at Brogan’s which was packed at midday… typical UK. So great. After dumping our bags, we met Sammy at Winter Wonderland. .. so massive… so much food, mulled wine, incredible lights and awesome displays… so festive. .. I loved it, but unfortunately was jet lagged. 
We met Ham Ham and Karlie and had an entertaining night which resulted in some dirty looks from the locals. So weird to catch up with friends and family on the other side of the world… such a neat feeling and so special. 

Camden was definitely on the cards, day two. I love Camden! 

Christmas day was super festive; whiskey, massive turkey, Sam’s beetroot, wine, wine, wine, champagne, Sam’s presents, bike riding, squirrels, The Pogues, unfortunately Michael Bluble, ‘name the states’ game and a drunk made up ‘guess who’. Such a good day. 

Oxford Street on Boxing Day, along with everyone else… absolute craziness. It’s funny how you walk around London and compare everything to Monopoly. Muz and I followed Sammy and Tim who bowled through the crowds. 

London is always a bit of fun; hard to get used to the sun setting at 3:30 and miserable grey skies but the pubs and festivities more than make up for it, even if I didn’t see a fox.


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