Nha Trang

The train was sort of fun 🙂 woke up too early and headed to the beach to watch the sunrise; unfortunately the weather was misserable and we couldn’t see much.

The morning swimmers were fascinating to watch. Groups of women with their shower caps on, having a social swim before the day begins. All of them chatting away like it was a mothers coffee club. Way too cold to get muz or I in.

The group headed to a day spa where we sat in mud  baths and hot pools for the day. In NZ it would cost so much but here it is so cheap. Everything is so cheap! We were quoted $5 for breakfast and you actually need to think about it because you’d usually expect to pay 1 or 2 dollars.

After our spa day, we headed for a quiet walk on the beach and checked out their local markets before heading to another group dinner.

Woke up early and headed out on our own boat tour. We arrived at a local village on an island and experienced their way of living. The crazy markets and stalls and even went into an early childhood centre. The kids were soooo hyped up ; they obviously love the tourists and all they wanted was photos.

We caught a basket boat back to our bigger boat, which was intense,  and were totally scammed with coconuts…  muz was not too happy with me.

We jumped off the boat into the sea for snorkeling. I hyperventilated again, totally freaked out and needed help getting back to the boat. Way too scary for me. Poor muz, has to look after his spastic wife.

We  went and got blind massages after our boat ride. It was really weird! Japanese for dinner which was amazing and then back on another train.


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