Paris – London

Longest journey of my life, as I was not feeling flash at all. There were a few ill people on the bus this morning.

Said our goodbyes to half of the group in Paris and the rest in London. Very sad, but have met too many amazing people who we can’t wait to see again. Now we have somewhere to stay in just about every city in Aus. Michael is very depressed about the Contiki ending.

Lucky enough to have Kurt meet us in Russell Square and take us back to his house. Knowing your way around the tube here is an art. So many people who are all powering through London… Madness.

As soon as we arrived, I felt relaxed… Haven’t had this feeling since Christmas. So keen to have a laid back time here.

We met Renee at a pub just down the road after she finished work. Yummy dinner and quiet drinks before returning to hers. Kept an eye out for a fox but no luck tonight.

Yay for a sleep in the next day! After a proper English breakfast (with baked beans), we met Hamish. We bused into London town and saw the eye and Big Ben. Then you could say we did a pub crawl through London. Caught the crazy tube to Trafalgar Square where the boys climbed monuments.

We headed to Chris and Morgan’s, where we met Renee and kurt, then headed down the road for dinner. It’s so weird seeing friends on the other side of the world! No foxes on the way home though.

Kurt took us into the Camden markets the next day… Best place on Earth. Could have spent days there! Finally, some truly amazing food! It’s where Amy Winehouse used to live, so we went and checked out her local bar. We met Renee and Hamish at Pickadelly Circus and journeyed to see Buckingham Palace.

I love London! So many fascinating animals; squirrels, geese, swans, weird ducks and the famous grouse bird… I guess a grouse?

After the palace, I was nearly killed by a man with a sword and a horse, at some palace… I was the nz girl screaming swear words because I was so scared. I took some photos and got over my shock quickly.

Renee intoduced me to Ben’s cookies which nothing in ths world will ever compair to, then we headed for tea. Met Chris and Morgan in China Town and im now addicted to duck… Yum.

A couple of drinks at a bar and said our farewells to Chris,  morgz and Ham… 😦 Then… muz n I journeyed through the suburbs to find a fox. We saw at least five! They are so stealth… Stare at you for minutes, then disappear into nothing. Could have spent all night out there.

We were lucky enough to have Kurt as our tour guide again the next day. He showed us Tower Bridge and took us again for amazing food at Borough Markets. London has by far,  been the best place for food. Headed to Big Ben one last time 😦 and a quiet afternoon at Kurt’s waiting for our flight.

I can totally see why so many nzers move here! If you can handle the tube, you are just a superstar. What an amazing city… need way more time! So lucky to have incredible mates show us around! Xxx


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