Phnom Penh

Seven hours on a public bus today. There’s really nothing else to say.
The roads are very third world, pretty much non existent; consisting of dust, rocks, pot holes and a million other ‘road’ users. Our driver hit a dog apparently,  as no big deal. I wish I wasn’t told… But now I’m telling you… The road is indescribable.
Our tour guide is from Cambodia so explains everything; why there are twenty people shoved into a crappy truck, the cooked tarantulas and snakes and even the countless weddings.
More $1.50 cocktails and dinner on our rooftop restaurant… It was a quiet night for me but Muz got a tad carried away.
Headed to s21 and the killing fields today. The prison is hard to describe, just emotionally draining. It was difficult to hold myself together. The photos and torture ‘tools,’ as well as stories from our tour guide made it… I just have no words.
The killing fields are horrific. I was very close to leaving the tour and jumping back on our bus. It was a beautiful day, roosters, snakes, butterflies and amazing gardens, surrounded by graves, pits. It’s hard to believe this happened in our parent’s life time. The bones, damaged skulls (which have a coded sticker, stating the cause of death), the killing tree for infants and the tree that drowned out the moans of the people dying. There are bones still emerging from the hard clay, you really do need to watch your step.
Dachau was dark and gloomy, total opposite to these beautiful grounds.
We all needed a drink after our day. We walked through the markets and saw… a lot. I was drained and had shed so many tears but seeing the chickens in this market…  well I didn’t eat any meat today and wont tomorrow. Our tour group must have thought I was nuts, it was very upsetting. Free range chicks until they die and then torture.
Apart from the depressing stuff, this city is INCREDIBLE!  Sooooo busy,  the tukutuks, cars and scooters stop for no one. Muz has been offered weed twice (maybe he looks like the stoner type) once even disguised as a pirated DVD (as if that’s any better). We had an amazing dinner and walked through these manic streets, enjoying many mad and crazy sites.


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