Snow everywhere! I thought Iceland was covered in cloud as we arrived but it was white, fluffy snow. As the four of us walked to our B&B, my clothing and accessories couldn’t hack it. My jacket and handbag broke in a minute of each other. All four of us stood in the snow trying to ‘fix’ me… Muz and I then had sketchy walk on the ice with our luggage. We tried to look like locals but there was just no way. 

The town had an alpine feel to it. Snow everywhere, full of locally made goods and lights… gorgeous. Strangely, just about every restaurant served American food. We lived on burgers for a couple of reasons; Reykjavik is incredibly expensive and the traditional Icelandic food was really tricky to find. 

We caught up with a friend from back home which was crazy and hoped for a Northern lights tour, unfortunately it was cancelled due to ‘bad weather,’ the weather was mint where we were. 

Day two was spent relaxing in the blue lagoon, a day we really needed. Really well set up, floating in the warm water looking out towards snow covered mountains with a wine of a beer… Bloody perfect! We were extremely dehydrated later on. 

Take two of the northern lights, but no luck. Crystal clear skies away from the city lights but nothing but stars. It was Freeeeeeeeezing! 

The tour of the lava fields was a highlight… the Icelandic horses are so pretty and the views were so insane, a camera couldn’t capture the colours. We were lucky enough to begin our tour when the sun was coming up. Such a special memory! 

Take three of the northern lights was a total success! We didn’t know what to expect or even where to look, but with the help of our hilarious and passionate tour guide, we spotted them ‘dancing’ around the sky. You eyes really have to adjust to see them but we were able to see green beems shoot up and across the sky. It was well worth the wait. 

Reykjavik is a must do and should be on everyone’s bucket list.


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