After just making it to the airport and being fully searched, I was super stressed out. Luckily, it was only a quick flight into Scotland. We strolled around the Clyde River on arrival. Early morning, we began our 19km journey on foot throughout the city. We questioned our black pudding for breakfast, not very yum, then headed straight for the Glasgow Cathedral which was absolutely amazing. I’m not going to try and describe it, as it will take away from this remarkable site. We wandered through the cemetery close by, where the view of the Cathedral was even more beautiful.

A few more key sites, George Square, which was full of family christmas rides and kids, another Cathedral, more statues and memorials, then finally headed through the busy streets and stopped to appreciate the countless street performers; dancers, singers, bands, the list goes on.

I even managed to drag Muz through a contemporary art museum…. winning. 
The pubs here are absolutely packed, all the time. We walked from pub to pub, trying to find a table, it was only Monday night.

The train to Stirling was quick and easy. Much smaller city and our hostel, The Willy Wallace, was straight across the road. After a massive hill, we arrived at Stirling Castle. It was absolutely freezing on that hill, but the tour guide and stunning views of old town more than made up for it. Stirling is nothing like we’ve seen. Cobblestone roads, grave yards, Cathedrals… it’s actually a little chilling but what you imagine Scotland of look like. The old jail, hospital and church have the same eerie feeling to them.

Buskers again on the streets playing the bagpipes and again, the pub so we’re packed. What an awesome little town! We were kept up all night by the drunk clubbers… the girls are so keen with their tiny dresses while I actually feel like I have frostbite on my toes. The Scottish definitely know how to party… made me feel old.


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