Quick trip to Sihanoukville, different world really, not as many tourists and a lot more greenery. It is soooo hot here, absolutely dripping (28-30º). An amazing beach though!
The water is clean (sort of), bars, umbrellas, stalls, loungers all over the sand. The boats make you think you’re in another time. But…. the locals… They stand in front of you while you are sun bathing, selling manicures  pedicures,  massage, bracelets,  lanterns, and the most explosive fireworks you’ll ever see. The sellers are kids too which is sad but they are soooo bloody persuasive and pushy. They steal from you and use anything to get a sale.
There are many dogs and puppies running around the sand, toads in the nearby trees and even fish in the sea (at least something lives in the water) .
It’s a poor paradise here.
We caught a long boat to a local island today, the tour included breakfast too which was served at the most average restaurant (if you can call it that). If it was to have a rating… well it wouldn’t even make the scale; it would be closed down indefinitely.
Our group numbers are dropping like flies with some vomiting bug. Hopefully I have built up an immunity from the kids at school.
We stopped at an island and jumped off the boat into the sea for a snorkel.  I don’t like the sea or fish so I quickly hyperventilated and rushed back to the boat.
Tried some fishing with a plastic bottle and hook; I just ended up feeding the fish. We arrived at a beautiful beach and soaked in the water for hours drinking beers. Our tour guide ended up getting totally wasted on tequila which was a funny site. The island had the biggest red ants and bees ive ever seen. There was even a cow stealing peoples lunch and scavenging through tbe rubbish bin.
It was a magical day! We both got absolutely fried and are paying for it today.
We headed to the beach again that evening.  It is so beautiful down there! Amazing lights and floating lanterns. I’ve started adding rum to my drinks…. soooo good.
Muz was abused by some little kid after not buying any fireworks. The language they use… well I dont feel so sorry for the kids anymore.
11 hour trip into Vietnam today 😦


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