Stonehenge, Bath & Cardiff

After the longest flight ever, we arrived in London. Thank goodness we stayed out by Heathrow.

Early morning, we drove out to Stonehenge. We totally took the wrong road and ended up with all the gypsies. Scary! They yelled at us about running over their dogs, which were casually humping in front of the car, gave us some very unique smiles and finished off by asking if ‘we were crazy?’

Stonehenge was worth the visit, it was really cold and a bit of a hurricane, but awesome. Hard to believe it’s ‘standing’ for so long.

A beautiful drive into Bath. The small towns almost seemed deserted. Exactly what you imagine England to look like, just gorgeous. Bath is stunning. Old buildings and churches on hills, a few canals too… just a gorgeous place and we were lucky enough to stroll through the markets and Christmas lights. Naturally our feet got sore so we headed straight for the pub. Mulled cider is gross… I’ll stick to sav.

Up early the next the day and headed to Cardiff. First impressions, a dirty city that needed a good water blast. However, as we headed further into the city, another gorgeous city emerged, full of Christmas stalls and lights. The shops are fascinating. The window displays quickly capture my attention. It’s so nice to see something different.

More sight seeing, the clock tower, Cardiff Castle and Millennium Stadium (Muz felt sorry for himself, rugby season is over). I’m excited to experienced the Welsh pubs tonight.


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