The trains are so easy; so quick, not too dear and they’re everywhere. We happened to get on the wrong one when we arrived, but we acted legit and no one questioned us 🙂 If you’re in NZ, you must be the only ones, because everyone is here in Tokyo. This place is buzzing! We found an isolated park this morning (we were awake before every one else) and walked for about 2 hours. It was beautiful. Really quiet. Not much wild life here, actually, not even a bug. Lots of massive crows, buts that’s about it. The park was beautiful! I few early runners and locals praying before work but a highlight for us. Really peaceful. We walked into Shinjuku at 9am, I thought there were too many people… well, at 5pm it tripled. The Shinjuku crossing is fascinating. I have no idea where all those people are off to. They currently have the soccer club world cup on. Watching the victory dance of the Italians in the middle of the intersection was very entertaining. The little police officers had trouble controlling them with their whistles. The ‘gaming centres’ are crazy! Incredibly loud with an intense cigarette odour. I actually feel like I’ve smoked a packet since arriving. We held really high expectations for food and we’ve had some pretty delicious dishes. Endless yum yum sauce at one restaurant… dangerous. Yummy sushi, where I was too scared to touch anything I couldn’t identify, pork and cheese , amazing, chicken etc etc. The vending machines have warm coffee and juice… bizarre and extremely exciting. A lot of the food is sweet… even bread. We have had three days of clear blue skies… winning. Pretty cold in the morning though. The Japanese are amazingly humble. They have nothing but time to show us foreigners how to do something. They have smiled and been so polite, from airport to airport, despite how frustrating it does get. With the hundreds getting on and off the train, they show no stress and are not irritated in any way. Just a beautiful culture, we’re already planning our trip back.


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